Glenn Jones

My name is Glenn Jones, I've been making my own partial capos for 30+ years, cutting up existing brands with hacksaws. I've recorded 15 albums, have written more songs using partial capos than otherwise. All of them are in open tunings, I haven't touched standard tuning in ages.


The capos I've made are "easy on / easy off" (mainly modified Shubbs and Dunlops), so that I can change them quickly in concert. I can switch capos in less than 10 seconds. How quickly can you take off and put on the Spider capo, and ditto changing the strings that are compressed?

I also play mainly 12-string. In your FAQ's you say "they've even been used on 12-strings" as though this were an unusual use for them, and indeed the fingers look as though they are designed to compress one string -- they're notched rather than flat. How easy is the Spider to use on 12-string guitars?


Glenn Jones
Cambridge, MA

Steve Triggs

Love the capo. When are you coming out with a book of fun alt. tunings? Seems to me that would be the next logical step.

Steve T.

Lili Cunningham

Hi Peter... sitting here with Nina who just showed us your AMAZING CAPO.. just ordered onw for my daughters boyfriend who's in a world touring band ...CONGRATS!!! GO GO GO love and miss you and your family. lili

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