Hank Stone

Thanks Pete for inventing this and bringing it to NERFA. After a year with the partial capos, I am looking forward to greater adventures in spiderland. I'll post tabs and maybe video once I get going.

Dan Grove

This is a refinement of the Third Hand Capo, allowing on-the-fly adjustments, not an original idea. Most alternative-tuning guitarists will know this, perhaps you should modify the "Our Story" page a tad to recognize that? Wishing you the best success with your better implementation of an older idea.

peter einhorn

Hi Dan:
Thanks for your feedback regarding the SpiderCapo.
Actually, it was conceived and developed completely independently of the 3rd Hand capo. Happy Traum, of Homespun tapes was was the first to make us aware of the 3rd Hand capo. We promptly bought one, and learned that it didn’t really work at a useable performance level, not to mention severe design limitations like having to capo a string on one side to stabilize it. But you are right, the idea is the same.

I am posting on my personal website,,the story of exactly how the SpiderCapo came about. It will be up soon under “The Ballad of the SpiderCapo: Peters story”.

Jeremy Williams

I heard about this capo on Echoes Living Room Concerts. It was International guitar Night and one of the guest guitarists mentioned this capo that he was using. I am extremely impressed with just seeing this thing. It seems to be better conceived and designed than the third hand capo. (Cheap and cheezy)
I hope to purchase one soon.

Jeremy Williams

Holy secret guitar weapon BatMan!! I just got this thing in the mail today and I have a tune in the making.
Brilliant piece of kit. I hope to purchase one for my classical guitar and every guitar I purchase in the future.
Keep up the great work.

Joel Mabus

Just learned of the spider capo today. I am not generally interested in the partial capo scene, but am intrigued with your method of attaching the capo to the guitar neck with the two side clamps. What bugs me the most about most normal mechanical capos is the amount of mechanism under the neck, right where my thumb often wants to be.

Any thought about coming out with a "straight spider" that is just a normal capo with the side clamp mechanism for attachment?

Peter - Today I discovered your Spider Capo on the web. What an interesting approach to a well understood concept among many partial capo users. I have used Shubb partial capos for over ten years. I have modified their stock partial capo to suit my needs, and frequently use a partial and a standard at the same time. I am naturally most intrigued with your invention.

As an experienced partial capo user I'm quite familiar with what open tunings sound like. Given this, I found the demo video disappointing. It seemed to focus on the music one might create, not the capo. I couldn't get a good look at it. It would be most helpful, in addition to a video showcasing the wonders of open-tuning playing, to have a demo video with close-up shots of the Spider, including changing tunings while playing, a feature I find fascinating.

Thank you for opportunity to comment on your very cool invention. It is so versatile I know I eventually will have to purchase one and try it out. Just wish I could see it up close, in use, before I buy one.


This looks great, I was about to order one but then I realized how much it would actually cost me after paying for toll etc since I live in Norway... Will be looking for another way to get hold of one :)

Jeb McIntyre

If you make this wide enough, it will become a "must have" accessory for Chapman Stick players and NS/Stick players ( Brilliant idea.

Finbar Campbell

A fantastic aid to making music, I have a 000 & a dreadnought. The SpiderCapo is now a permanent fixture on the has completely improved my (until now) plain strumming. I can even make music using just my strumming hand with nothing on the frets.

The SpiderCapo could be a very real asset to any disabled person wishing to play guitar who would have been deterred from 'having a go'
in the past.
Finbar Campbell.

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